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Please answer all of the following questions to the best of your ability and be as descriptive as possible. Unclear answers will require follow-up clarification from our staff and may delay your request.

Your maintenance request has been received. Someone will be in touch with you within 48 hours.

Something went wrong. Please email your maintenance request to us.

Tenant Information


Any item damaged by the resident will be charged to the resident along with labor costs of $50/hour.

We recommend spraying mold with bleach to kill it until maintenance is able to come.

Water Intrusion
HVAC/Heating and Air Conditioning
Please turn off and allow to thaw before technician comes for repair.
* Please check your breaker before technician comes for repair.

If an outside HVAC Tech is needed, it is the tenant's responsibility to schedule with the vendor and to be home for the appointment.

Allen's Kentucky Mechanical (859) 619-4328

* Shut off water at the shut off valve at the top of the water heater.

For main water line breaks, locate the unit's water supply valve and turn off. This lever is usually close to your hot water heater.

If you have neighbors that live below you and you had a leak, please be kind and let them know by a note or house visit, so that they are aware of any damage to their unit. People who live upstairs and take baths – Please do not let the water go over the fill line, as this will cause a leak in the unit downstairs.

Please select your issue and explain your request under “Additional Notes/Details.”


Check breaker and GFC test and reset buttons, and ensure light switch is on if the dishwasher has no power.

If it is not cleaning dishes, make sure you are using a good dish detergent. If it is not rinsing well, make sure you are using a good rinsing product, such as Jet, in the rinse tank.

Garbage Disposal

If no power, check breaker and GFC test and reset buttons, and ensure light switch is on. Also, on the bottom of all garbage disposals, there is a button for reset.

Do not put any bones, paper products, silverware, or rags in the disposal. Make sure unit is completely off and check to see if anything is stuck in the sink drain going to the disposal. Never overload the disposal with too many items at once. Starchy items like potatoes and noodles will quickly clog the disposal if you force too much at once.

Hot Water

Check breaker to make sure it’s on. If breaker is on, then please submit a work order.

See after-hour checklist prior to calling in an emergency. If your water tank needs to be replaced, it can only be done during operating hours. If water is leaking from your tank, put towels down and turn your breaker off, and shut off the valve on top of your hot water heater.


NEVER PUT BONES OR GREASE DOWN SINK! This will cause clogging, and many residents have been charged for this repair. If at any time a faucet breaks and water is running, turn each water valve off under your sink immediately.

* Try tightening white (PVC) pipes and DO NOT drain anythign down sink until repaired.
* Shut the water off (if applicable) or place a bucket to catch the water.
If faucet leak is a steady stream, Foxglove Management will attempt to execute repair the following business day.
* Try unscrewing drain stopper, take screwdriver or case knife and pull out any hair.

If any of your sinks are dripping water from a faucet or leaking at the base, tighten the knobs and the faucet.

If your sink is clogged, try to use hot water and bleach. Fill to top and let drain, then repeat until unclogged. If this does not work, you may try liquid Drano. You can remove the water stop valve from the sink and while using a screwdriver or case knife, you can clean out the drain and remove all hair.

If you have a leak under the cabinet, try tightening the PVC pipes. If this does not work, then place a bucket under the pipes to catch water from the drain until maintenance can repair.

If your sink will not hold water, fast fix would be to pull the holder and to purchase a stopper. If you cannot do this, then stop by our office and request a stopper.

* It is the tenant's responsibility to shut off between usage until technician can come resolve the issue.

NEVER PUT PAPER TOWELS OR FEMININE PRODUCTS DOWN THE COMMODE/TOILET. This will cause clogging, and many residents have been charged for this repair.

If your commode is overflowing and clogged, immediately turn the water off at the base (usually the left side) of commode. Once the water is off, let the water drain down some then try to plunge. If you do not have a plunger, get a bucket of hot water and add bleach if available and pour this into the commode, filling to the top. Repeat this process until the commode flushes. Once problem is fixed, turn water back on at base.

Leaking at base usually indicates there is a main line backup or commode could be loose or broken. See emergency after-hour rules if this occurs after hours.

Running (Not shutting off) – Lift the top lid off commode and see if chain is attached to fill up valve. If not, connect. If the tank is full of water, then push the rubber fill valve top-down and wait for running to stop. If running does not stop, turn water off at base and back on when needed until maintenance can repair.


When taking a shower, always make sure shower curtain in inside the tub, or this wil cause water to spill out on the floor and can cause water damage to basements.

* If you fill the tub over the overflow top, it will flood unit or possibly unit below and charges will be applied.
* Check to make sure breaker has not tripped.

If your tub is clogged, then take the stopper out and clean out the T-trap with a screwdriver or case knife to remove all the hair. Use hot water and bleach or liquid Drano to clean the pipes.

If your shower head or waterspout is leaking, try tightening it. Also make sure the hot/cold water valves are shut off completely.

If your tub will not hold water, a fast fix would be to pull the holder and to purchase a stopper. If you cannot do this, then stop by our office and request a stopper.

Pest Control
Additional Notes/Details
Residence Information & Scheduling
Acknowledgment & Submit Form

Resident agrees to take reasonable steps to prevent, control, and report any signs of pests immediately to Landlord and that notification shall constitute resident’s permission for the Landlord to enter the Property to inspect. Resident agrees to inspect the property and his/her personal property for signs of pests on a routine basis.


If the infestation is due to natural circumstances, the Landlord will pay for the exterminator after tenant has attempted to do over-the-counter method. Please note: we spray and inspect the outside of all our buildings seasonally.

To monitor all pest control concerns and facilitate the sprayings and communications with the exterminator and the residents. To notify any resident not willing to assist with the pest control company to destroy all pests. If any resident fails to comply with the instruction from management and pest control company, then eviction proceedings will begin.


Resident understands all our units have been delivered to each resident in good condition and pest free. Any infestation due to the resident’s doing will leave the resident responsible for all fees associated with the destroying and spread of such pest.

Resident agrees to purchase over-the-counter methods to prevent certain pests in their unit. The best product we have found to be safe and works for most pests is Talstar Pro One Insecticide and can be purchased at Southern States. This method is for non-harming pests such as ants, water bugs, etc.

If your unit is positive for roaches or bedbugs, then the entire building will need to be checked, and all units will need treatment. Once the source of the pest is revealed, the resident having caused the issue will be responsible for all cost associated with the removal of the pest in their units and others. The exterminator will keep our office updated on all issues moving forward and will work with the management company to resolve the current issue. All residents must agree to prepare their unit for treatments based on what is recommended from the exterminator. If any resident denies or does not assist with the exterminator, the eviction proceedings will begin.

I agree to pay for any pest infestation due to my doings. I also agree to comply with the recommendations from the exterminator to clear my unit of any pest. I also understand that all pest issues caused by me will be charged to my unit and that this fee will be collected first before any money is applied to my account for rent.


** If any charges are charged to Foxglove Management, LLC due to tenant's negligence, those charges will be forwarded to the tenant.
Please note that any requested maintenance work will be performed by our maintenance crew in the week FOLLOWING the submittal of the request. The appointment may occur any time between 10AM and 2PM.
Unnecessary trip charges are $50.00. If an appointment is made for a technican, they will wait 15 minutes and if tenant is not there or has not shown, the tenant will be charge $50.00 per technician. Tenant must give a 24 hour notice of cancellation to prevent charges. AN ADULT 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER MUST BE PRESENT AT TIME OF APPOINTMENT.